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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

#YellowJeep Hero: Duane Mccugh

Yellow Jeep Hero, Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Thursday, August 7, 2014
11:27 am


Today, I had one of the greatest experiences of the ten years I have actively participated in social media! I met Duane McCugh (aka @DMccugh) on Twitter over the last couple of months discussing Jeeps. He shared some great Yellow Jeep pictures and encouraged me to reach my Yellow Jeep weight loss goal.

Today, we met in person for the first time! Duane works for American Airlines at the Dallas – Fort Worth airport. I sent him a tweet saying that I was connecting through DFW in route from Kansas City to Memphis. I offered to give him a virtual Jeep Wave as I went through the airport.

It turned out that I had really tight connection. The flight from Kansas City to Dallas was over an hour late because of weather, so I had less than 30 minutes to change terminals and get to my Memphis flight.

When I got off my flight, there was Duane! He not only met me at the gate, but he guided to the train that took me to the next terminal and made sure I got to the right departure gate!  Not only that – he brought me two absolutely delicious chicken tamales to eat on my flight. What great kindness and remarkable friendship from a guy I had never met in person.

There really is a special camaraderie in the “Jeep Family”! And I was a grateful recipient of that special spirit tonight. I really look forward to going jeepin’ with Duane when I get my Yellow Jeep.

Roll on Yellow Jeep Journey!

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#YellowJeep Hero: Terry Sigle

Yellow Jeep Hero, Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Sunday, August 3, 2014
3:08 am

Today is a day for powerful celebration in Terry Sigle’s life.  Today he completed a trek of 48 days and 3,393 miles across the United States   You’ve gotta love this photo of a triumphant Terry in the front of the US Capitol!


I first met Terry when I was a new employee of Sun Microsystems in 2004.  We have stayed in close touch ever since, although we work for different employers.  I have always been impressed and inspired by Terry’s professional capabilities, personal drive, and love for his family.  This latest accomplishment is but one more example of his tenacity and dedication.  Well done, sir!

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#YellowJeep Hero: Heather Dorniden

Yellow Jeep Hero, Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Monday, May 26, 2014
11:58 am

Every time I see this video, I am uplifted and motivated.  

Heather Dorniden, a track star from the University of Minnesota, was leading the women’s 600 meter run at the 2008 Big 10 Indoor Track Championships. With one lap to go, she suddenly tripped and fell on the track while her competitors sprinted past her.

What would you do? Most people would have given up and accepted their misfortune. But not Heather.


The way Heather got up and finished that fateful race in 2008 speaks volumes about her illustrious career.  She is truly a shining example of courage, perseverance, and just plain guts.  

According to her Alumna bio, Heather  was recognized as an “eight-time All-American, establishing herself as the most decorated Minnesota Gopher women’s track and field athlete in history”.  By the way, she graduated college with a 3.90 GPA in kinesiology.

Heather Dorniden, you are truly a #YellowJeep Hero!

Roll on Yellow Jeep Journey!

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#YellowJeep Hero: Pete Maravich

Yellow Jeep Hero, Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
8:37 am

Pete maravich

Thanks to Tim Fargo (@alphabetsuccess) for tweeting this quote today:

Love never fails; Character never quits; with patience & persistence, dreams do come true.

– Pete Maravich

A phenomenal basketball player, “Pistol Pete” Maravich was starring in basketball at Louisiana State University while I was in high school.  In three collegiate seasons (back then, freshmen couldn’t play varsity ball) Pete averaged 44.2 points per game and led the NCAA in scoring in each of his three seasons – all without the benefit of the three point shot. Named All American for each of this three seasons, many of his NCAA and LSU records still stand.

His biography on Wikipedia states:

He is still the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer with 3,667 points scored … One of the youngest players ever inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Maravich was cited by the Hall as “perhaps the greatest creative offensive talent in history”. In an April 2010 interview, Hall of Fame player John Havlicek said “the best ball-handler of all time was (Pete) Maravich.”

Later in life, after a ten year NBA career, Pete explored many world religions, but eventually embraced evangelical Christianity. 

A few years before his death, Maravich said, “I want to be remembered as a Christian, a person that serves Him [Jesus] to the utmost, not as a basketball player.”

On January 5, 1988, Pete Maravich collapsed and died at age 40 of heart failure while playing in a pickup basketball game in the gym at a church in Pasadena, California.

Thanks, Tim, for reminding me of a childhood hero, a man who demonstrated how dedication, perseverance and endless practicing at what one loves can make dreams come true!

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