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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Way of the Hero: Global Bicycle Trek

Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Sunday, August 3, 2014
2:56 am

My good friend Layne Gneiting has been transformed by following his dreams. A few years ago, he cycled coast to coast across America, accompanied by his wife and children. Last year, he completed a solo bicycle tour of Spain. This year, he and a friend completed a trek across Norway, with its spectacular mountains and fiords. Next year – New Zealand.

As you watch this video, you may catch a glimpse of his passion and drive.

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Where Would You Drive a Yellow Jeep?

Yellow Jeep Journey
Author: Mark
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
8:18 pm

Yellow Jeep

Imagine with me for a moment. Stop and dream a little bit …

Suppose you owned a Yellow Jeep, all decked out and modified just the way you liked it.  Suppose you could drive that Jeep anywhere you wanted.  What if time and money were no object? Where in the world would you go? Where would that Yellow Jeep dream journey take you?

Please let me know what you are dreaming – either as a comment on this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter or in any way you can share your dream with me!  I’ll post your dreams here on the Yellow Jeep Journey blog.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Roll on, Yellow Jeep Journey!

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